The army of Syrian President Assad has recaptured Palmyra from the terrorists of ISIS. This was the biggest news story over Easter. It wasn't easy to find out about it, however, as the liberal global press hates everything related to the successes of the current Syrian system. But this remains a fact nonetheless: Palmyra has been liberated.

The Hungarian Workers' Party offers condolences to the people, the workers of France after the terrorist attacks in Paris. These events point out that the European capitalist system is in crisis, this is the consequence of wrong policies. The crisis should be solved by the peoples, the workers of Europe.

Statement of the Secretariat of the “INITIATIVE” of the CWPE
on the problems of the school students, university students
and young workers.

An education system reflects the dominant ideology of the society in which it is based. It reflects the values of the dominant class.  Across Europe the class based education system remains a tool in the maintenance of an exploitative society while the parameters of the education system are dictated by the monopolies which have the power in their hands. Their main aim is to teach the children of the working class at all education levels to submit to their exploiters.

Magyar Munkáspárt