Peace, security, recognition of the sovereignty of his country, a normal life for his people! This was also discussed at the meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers ' party of Korea, which was held at the end of the year in Pyongyang.

Dear comrades,

First of all, many thanks to the KKE for organizing this meeting. We highly appreciate the valuable contribution of the KKE to the European communist movement.

The fact of our meeting itself is a clear message to the capitalist forces of Europe that we are alive, and we do not give up.

Believe me, they know it. That is why the European Parliament urges the EU-countries to destroy everything which is connected with socialism. They seem to fight against the socialist past but in reality, they fight against the socialist future of Europe.

Police attack against the CP of Ukraine

Yesterday Ukrainian security organs started search at the central office of the Communist Party of Ukraine in Kiev. Police took all hard drives and some of the computers. The web-page was blocked. The criminal case and accusations have been not announced yet officially but the CPU is accused to have violated the decommunization law by publishing on the party's webpage the photo of former CPU leader Volodymyr Shcherbitski. Hands away from the CPU! Democracy to the people of Ukraine! Hungarian Workers'Party

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Hungarian Workers’ Party I would like to thank our Greek comrades for organizing our meeting.

We came to this meeting to study your experience. Some of the participating parties have very deep roots in the trade union movement. Your actual experience of work in the trade unions is of enormous importance for all of us.

Magyar Munkáspárt