Contribution of the Hungarian Workers’ Party (Brussels, 9 December 2019)

Dear comrades,

First of all, many thanks to the KKE for organizing this meeting. We highly appreciate the valuable contribution of the KKE to the European communist movement.

The fact of our meeting itself is a clear message to the capitalist forces of Europe that we are alive, and we do not give up.

Believe me, they know it. That is why the European Parliament urges the EU-countries to destroy everything which is connected with socialism. They seem to fight against the socialist past but in reality, they fight against the socialist future of Europe.


European capitalism is in crisis. We are coming nearer to war in Europe. The exit of Great Britain from the European Union and the rising conflicts between Germany and France on one hand, and the four Visegrad countries on the other hand clearly show the internal struggle of European capitalism.

The mass migration of people from Middle East, Africa and Asia initiated and supported by Germany, France has created enormous political, social conflicts. Nobody can say what will be the final consequences.

Socialist revolution is not yet on the agenda in any country. It is clear. But at the same time, we know that things can change quickly.

Dear comrades,

People need new alternatives, new attractive ideas.  The future of socialism depends on the ability of our parties to answer new ideological and political challenges and to adopt new forms and instruments of cooperation.

In Hungary, we see the following situation. Some people say capitalism is bad, but there is nothing better. Others say: socialism is good, but it is impossible to realize it.  This is the general picture.

Some people suggest that we should abandon the direct revolutionary line and deal with people’s everyday problems without any ideological aspects.

We will not give up our Marxist-Leninist ideology. We should show to the people that capitalism is the reason of all their problems, including poverty, climate change and war. To save humanity,we should change the existing world based on capital and profit, and create a new world based on the interests of people.

Generally, it is true.  But we have a lot of new challenges.

We do not know what to say to the younger generations which are absolutely manipulated by liberal propaganda. The substitution of concepts is consistently carried out, a distorted interpretation of communism and fascism is hammered into the heads. The class nature of Fascism is ignored. Fascism is reduced to  anti-Semitism, nationalism, persecution of all sorts of "minorities".

We should learn how to use modern technology in a more effective way.

We should find new non-classical forms for party work and party organization.

These are important questions where we need more cooperation.


Let me inform you shortly about the situation in Hungary. There are a lot of misunderstandings and misinterpretations caused by liberal media.

The liberal, so called “left” political forces claim that in Hungary there is a populist right wing and even fascist dictatorship. They insist that the political forces should put aside their own aims and unite in a common fight against “fascist government”. They say that those who don't support them support the government.  On this basis, the liberal forces accuse us, the Hungarian Workers ' party, of supporting the current conservative government of Hungary.

And from this point of view liberal forces evaluate local elections in Hungary which took place on October 13 and on which liberals could win in Budapest and some other cities.

Now they declare that a revolution takes place in Hungary and Hungary would become free again. In fact, liberals do not want any social revolution. They want to change the current government and get all the power. And that's all.

In our understanding there is no fascist dictatorship in Hungary. We have state capitalism with strong nationalist, religious and anticommunist rhetoric.  There are anticommunist laws and strong anticommunist propaganda but there is not any persecution of communists. And we should notice that both bourgeois camps are anti-communists: liberals criticise Orban’s nationalism, not Orban’s anti-communism. They are just trying to hide their own anti-communism in their internal propaganda in order to attract those who sympathise with socialism (unfortunately for us, they often succeed). And this is  their anti-communism that is the real reason why in our daily life the liberal camp is even more hostile towards us.

The events in Hungary mean a part of the general attack of liberal forces in the world.  The liberal forces think that the creation of a supranational EU is the only way to save market economy and democracy in Europe.

The liberal forces will continue their attacks against the current government.  Now neither the US nor the EU want an immediate change of the Hungarian government, but they will do their best to build up an alternative government which can replace the Fidesz-government if the Fidesz will not be able to guarantee stability of the capitalist system.

Under these circumstances we underline that our task is to fight against capitalism. We should fight to change the system and not just the government.

We are going our own way. We do not support either the conservative forces or the liberal forces.

Dear comrades,

This December The Hungarian Workers’ Party celebrates the 30th anniversary of its reorganization .

You can ask us: what have you achieved for these thirty years? The most important thing is that we are alive. A lot of parties disappeared from the political arena in Hungary and Europe.

Our party is here and continues its fight against capitalism and for socialism.

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